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Expertise in agricultural commodities

Domar markets and distributes soybeans, corn, wheat and rice to markets worldwide.

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An international leader in food and ingredients

From cookies and crackers to pastas, oils and buttery spreads, Domar delivers.

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Bringing meat products to Latin America

Meat buyers trust Domar for beef, chicken and lamb products.


Agricultural Commodities

Working with market leaders like Bunge North America, the Rice Company and Noble Agri, Domar buys, stores and transports grain products to markets around the world, including:

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Food & Cooking Ingredients

Through its partnerships with Bunge North America, Selmi, and BRF, Domar distributes and markets food products and ingredients, including:

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Through its partnership with Marfrig Global Foods, one of the largest producers of beef, lamb, poultry and fish in the world, Domar distributes and markets:

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How satellites and insurance are securing livestock in East Africa

In many parts of East Africa livestock provide the livelihoods for many herders and pastoralists who, especially with climate change on the rise, are often faced with severe threats from droughts.

Russia Stuck With Record Wheat Stockpiles as Ruble Slows Exports

Russia is storing a record amount of wheat because the world’s biggest exporter can’t ship out its bumper crop fast enough. The country’s stockpile increased by 22 percent from a year earlier to 33.8 million metric tons by Oct. 1, an all-time high for post-Soviet Russia, according Moscow-based consultant SovEcon. While farmers boosted production by a fifth this year, exports have remained little changed, lagging expectations.


CHINA IS BIG HOLDER NOT BIG EXPORTER One could summarize the current focus of grain markets with three phrases: low prices, large crops, and growing inventories.

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China, the world’s second-largest corn consumer, suspended its weekly state corn sales to encourage companies to buy grain from the crop currently being harvested, according to the National Grain Trade Center.

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